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maandag 8 oktober 2012

Regatta Bonaire 2012 opening parade and Start I Love Bonaire Sale

Kralendijk Bonaire - Grand Bonaire Regatta parade with I Love Bonaire presentation following the first Sale at the Wilhelmina Plaza Bonaire. Sunday 7 October 2012.

During the grand parade the I Love Bonaire presentation was viewed by many spectators along the road. The Local Brand with Global Recognition was well accepted by the newly Proud fans. The I Love Bonaire crew give away free postcards to all the fans a token of their appreciation.

Different countries like Aruba and Venezuela participated in this parade as well as the Bon Tuk Tuk electrical driven car.

I you missed your shirt because it was sold out due to the big demand we have good news for those.

Today monday 8 October we will receive a new stock.

We want to show our gratefulness to the following crew members:
Lula martijn, Elio Floris, Angely, Omar Robles de Medina, Debby Braakman, Delano Robles de Medina and all other that helped I Love Bonaire for it's great Success.

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