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zondag 9 december 2012

Christmas Market Club Roomer

Christmas Market with a good cause.
Bonaire Kralendijk - The Netherlands Amsterdam: Sunday 9 December 2012

Sunday at the Hotel Roomer the Christmas Market will be held by Club Roomer. During this Christmas Market you can buy different products and food. You will be delighted with a Fashion Show by Miss Bonaire 2012  Saphira Janga and many other great models. 

There will be an auction of driftwood art during the Christmas Market.
You can enjoy tasty snacks and drinks while visiting the booths or stands.

I Love Bonaire ® will be present with some new items exclusively released for the Christmas Market.
Visit our booth and ask for Debby she will be more than happy to advise and help you with your purchase. If your are visiting our stand Debby can show you the new Arrivals. 

You are welcome at the Hotel Roomer and be part of this great event with a good cause.

For this special event I Love Bonaire had a photo shoot with the great misses from Bonaire. On the picture Saphira Janga, Ana Maciel and Benazir B. Charles. We are proud to have such a great friends loving the I Love Bonaire circle of friends. 

Saphira Janga invites you to come en see her modeling skills she has developed during her training for the Miss Intercontinental.  

Miss Bonaire is searching for new candidates to represent the Beautiful Island of Bonaire. If you want to get informed about the possibilities this is a great chance to visit the information booth.

This is How a local brand with Global recognition is expanding and growing over the World and promoting our own Bonaire.

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zaterdag 10 november 2012

I Love Bonaire ® - Saphira Janga

Miss Bonaire 2012 Saphira Janga with I Love Bonaire ®.
Bonaire Kralendijk - The Netherlands Amsterdam: Sunday 11 November 2012

Miss Saphira Janga visited The Netherlands on her way to the Miss Intercontinental Pageant. When in Amsterdam Saphira visited the I Love Bonaire ® Head office for The Netherlands. Saphira is proud to have her I Love Bonaire ® gear on her European tour during the Miss Intercontinental Pageant.

We are very proud to have Saphira join our I Love Bonaire ® movement and as a special member for 2013. Saphira will be one of the I Love Bonaire ® faces.

I Love Bonaire ® wishes Saphira Janga a great and pleasant pageant experience on her mission to win the Crown and having the World to know about her paradise in the Caribbean.

This is How a local brand with Global recognition is expanding and growing over the World and promoting our own Bonaire.

"I Love Bonaire" is protected by the Intellectual property law.
Violations are subjected to penalty's.

vrijdag 26 oktober 2012

Benazir Berends Charles next I Love Bonaire

Amsterdam - Kralendijk: I Love Bonaire celebrity Benazir B. Charles for Miss Globe 2012. 

Bonaire Celebrity Benazir B. Charles is going to represent Bonaire at the Miss Globe Pageant 2012 from 26 October - 10 November at VLORA - ALBANIA. 

Benazir has joined the growing I Love Bonaire movement and will represent Bonaire dressed by Laurisa inspired Haute Couture and I Love Bonaire. 

We are very proud of having Benazir representing Bonaire. With her great choice for I Love Bonaire Benazir is showing her appreciation by wearing the Local brand with Global recognition. 

I Love Bonaire is wishing Benazir B. Charles all the best on her journey and a nice time in Albania during the preperation weeks for the grand final on 10 November 2012.

You can show your support for Bonaire during her promotion mission by sharing this with friends and family.

vrijdag 12 oktober 2012

Black Collection is here for Sale

Kralendijk Bonaire - 12 oktober 2012 - Black T-Shirts and Female and Gents model.

Black Collection is here for Sale just arrived from the Flamingo Airport especially for the great local demand.

We promise our I love Bonaire friends we will make this collection available for the Regatta. 

This Collection was planned for December 2012 but we could not stand the enormous local demand. We are happy to inform our local and International friends this collection is temporarily only available at the I Love Bonaire Regatta Booth 2012.

We have a limited stock of the Female model and the Unisex model.

Happy Shopping and be proud to join the I Love Bonaire movement.

donderdag 11 oktober 2012

NEW - Silicone Bracelets wristbands and Anklebands

Kralendijk Bonaire -  11 october 2012.  New arrival just fresh on the Island.


We are pleased to introduce I Love Bonaire silicone bracelets deluxe.

High quality and great styled special for the I Love Bonaire Friends.
We can inform you they were flown in especially for the last days of the Regatta Bonaire. 

LIMITED STOCK!!!! what you see is what we have in stock.

Sizes are 20cm and 21cm diameter for the Ladies and gents.

Especially designed and produced for I Love Bonaire exclusive the extra large size 24 cm for the I Love Bonaire Giants.

Get yours before we are out of stock.

Great Idea just as an Ankle band.


woensdag 10 oktober 2012

I Love Bonaire Candy meltdown

-- Sneak Peek --

- Is this I love Bonaire Licorice Candy?

- Is dit I Love Bonaire drop?

- Esaki ta I Love Bonaire drop?

Don't get fooled by the picture!!

Friends with benefits?

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maandag 8 oktober 2012

Regatta Bonaire 2012 Sale Uitverkoop Baratillo

Bonaire Kralendijk - Wilhelmina Plaza: Sale Uitverkoop Baratillo 

For the I love Bonaire Baby's we have a special Regatta offer you can not miss it. 

Baby cap + Baby suite = Special Offer

Regatta Bonaire 2012 opening parade and Start I Love Bonaire Sale

Kralendijk Bonaire - Grand Bonaire Regatta parade with I Love Bonaire presentation following the first Sale at the Wilhelmina Plaza Bonaire. Sunday 7 October 2012.

During the grand parade the I Love Bonaire presentation was viewed by many spectators along the road. The Local Brand with Global Recognition was well accepted by the newly Proud fans. The I Love Bonaire crew give away free postcards to all the fans a token of their appreciation.

Different countries like Aruba and Venezuela participated in this parade as well as the Bon Tuk Tuk electrical driven car.

I you missed your shirt because it was sold out due to the big demand we have good news for those.

Today monday 8 October we will receive a new stock.

We want to show our gratefulness to the following crew members:
Lula martijn, Elio Floris, Angely, Omar Robles de Medina, Debby Braakman, Delano Robles de Medina and all other that helped I Love Bonaire for it's great Success.

Show your love and post your photo on the I Love Bonaire Facebook: 
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vrijdag 5 oktober 2012

Casual and baby collection for Regatta Bonaire 2012

woensdag 22 augustus 2012

First collection is on it's way

First collection is on it's way

The first logo's are ready.

Some pictures taken from Bonaire during our Holidays.

dinsdag 29 mei 2012

I Love Bonaire is Born

Kralendijk Bonaire, Amsterdam The Netherlands, wednesday 23 may 2012 - I Love Bonaire trademark and Logo is filed for registering.

Fashion designers Cora & Greg visited Bonaire in 2010 for the first time and they felt in love with the Touch of Paradise as they referred to Bonaire.
From that first moment Cora & Greg wanted to be part of this island and it's beautiful landscape and lovely residents. The ecological and natural resources combined with the flora and fauna was the true main reason to visit the Island for the second time in 2012.

The adventure started when Cora & Greg decided to get economically involved with Bonaire and be able to contribute to Tourism the Island's main economical resource.

Cora & Greg were brainstorming how to bring their passion, energy and expertise and the love for Bonaire together.

This results in the first steps from research to final development and designing of a new sustainable concept to contribute to Bonaire's employment and visibility world wide.

Cora & Greg are proud to introduce a local brand with global recognition.


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