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One of the prides of Bonaire

Visit Bonaire tranquility and watch the great pink Flamingo's..

Kid's and Baby Collection

I love Bonaire collection for happy kid's and lovely baby's from or visiting the island.

I love Bonaire

Welcome to Bonaire or Bon Bini www.ilovebon.com.

Picturesque Harbor Market

Fresh sweet fruits at the Market near the Harbor www.ilovebonaire.co


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vrijdag 13 september 2013

Flip Flops - Slippers

Original I Love Bonaire ® flip flops - Slippers.

-Follow my steps "on the Beach"
Under the right foot sole you will press the Island outlines and under the left foot sole you will press I Love Bonaire Design on the Beach or wherever you go.

-Walk like never Before "in Style with your lovely Island Bonaire"

Slippers are made from durable lightweight foam for easy transportation by Air and for a great gift back home.

Unisex style for our great fans.

We at I Love Bonaire have dedicated our effort to design a high quality product for your comfort and looks.

Available at our webstore and local agent.

I Love Bonaire

donderdag 2 mei 2013


Genuine I Love Bonaire snapback by 59NINE.

Proof of official 59NINE sticker on the brim.
I Love Bonaire design team took great care for all the details of this snapback cap. This cap is our own design and proudly branded by 59NINE.
The front of the cap is embroided with the registered logo. The side of the cap is branded with the 59NINE embroidery logo. The back of the cap is embroided with the official website. The inside trimming of the panels and the labels by I Love Bonaire® and our sister brand 59NINE®.
This is an official product and all names are protected and registered.

Cool original number 59NINE is I Love Bonaire sister brand.
This cap can by branded customized to fit your company if needed for promotion, visibility, gifts. The back side of this cap can by manufactured by 59NINE with your own logo for more information contact our office.

I Love Bonaire

donderdag 18 april 2013

Kings Day special - Koningsdag - Cambio di Trono

Kings Day - Koningsdag - Cambio di Trono and I Love Bonaire ®:  Tuesday 30 April 2013 - Celebrate this great day with your orange wristband. 

Dedicated to the Queens day to Kings day celebration.

This is a must have for the Crowning of King Willem Alexander.
Only early birds can buy this cool orange colored silicone bracelet because we only have a limited in stock.

You have to wear this collectors item during the celebrations and awaiting the arrival of King Willem Alexander to Bonaire.

After visit of the royal couple you can re-use this fabulous orange wristband when supporting the Dutch soccer team playing for the World Cup.

They are now available get yours now before they are out of stock.

I Love Bonaire

vrijdag 22 maart 2013

Welcome a board your window to paradise..

Fly I Love Bonaire ®:  Friday 22 march 2013 - Welcome a board your window to paradise. 

I Love Bonaire ® crew and guests enjoying the first flight over Bonaire. 

Welcome a board your window to paradise...

Tag yourself on board and claim your space and let the world know you want to fly with I Love Bonaire ®

Virtual flight "no free seats available".

I Love Bonaire

zondag 10 maart 2013

Biba Girl's Night out with I Love Bonaire ®

Biba Girls Night out 30 march 2013 The Night belongs to the I Love Bonaire Angels.
Centro deportivo Boneiru - The Netherlands Amsterdam: Sunday 10 march 2013

The party we have all been waiting for with Cache Royal and many other guests and great DJ's.
For full information about this great event check the official flyer in this article.

I Love Bonaire ® logo on the flyer and tickets is a sign of fabulous event. Get your tickets soon....

Dress code

  • Girls: Sweet,  sassy and  Sexy
  • Guys: dress 2 impress

Be creative and meet the dress code by redesigning your I love Bonaire shirt and sent us your great party pics we will post them on our facebook page.  "We will have a great gift for the best picture".

See you at the party 

Shirts available at: Hotel Roomer 
Or call DJ Marvin +5997001049